Wood Carving is one of the rich facets of the glorious tradition of Art and Crafts of Odisha. The artisans from Carpenter caste have traditionally been engaged in this wood carving. The artisans engaged in wood carving draw their inspiration from the rich temple tradition of Odisha. The artisans have also started creating products on abstract themes and home decors deviating from traditional idols of gods and goddesses at recent times. Every wood carving product is carefully made by the artisans using traditional equipments like chiesels and hammers. The finer the art work and carving on the piece of the wood the higher the value. Generally Teak, Gambhari, Piasal pieces are used for wood carving. The wood carvings can also be found in Old house ceilings, doors, temple ceilings as well. The Biranchinarayan Temple in Bududa of Berhampur district, Charchika temple in Banki of Cuttack district, Kapilas temple in Dhenkanal district and Lakshmi-Nrusingh temple in Berhampur district are home to some finest works and rich tradition of wood carving of Odisha. 


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