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A historical account of Bamanda's contribution to Odia Literature. 'Aadhunika Odia Sahityaku Bamandara Dana' by Dr. Rama chandra Bramha published by Granth Mandira. 

Bamanda was the first princely state in India to have its own electricity and postal system. It had also its own telephone line during that period. The present day Deogarh district was the headquarter of the princely state. Raja Basudev Sudhal Dev is known for his patronage to Odia culture and literature. Jagannath Sahitya Sansad is still actively inspiring and promoting local talents in the fields of art and culture, which was a combined effort of some patriotic and creative people such as Jagamohan Mishra, Yogesh Dalbehera, Prafulla Giri, Madhusudan Guru, Durga Prasad Dwivedy and Prafulla Mahapatra. Bamanda had immensely contributed to early Odia Literature with the foundation of Jagannath Ballav press in 1886 and publication of a weekly magazine the “Sambalpur Hitaishini” in 1889. 

This book is an account of Bamanda's contributions to Odia literature. 


Author Dr. Rama chandra Bramha
Publisher Granth Mandir
Category History of Odia Literature

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