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Edited by - Sangram Keshari Rout, Bijay Kumar Mohaptra, Soumya Ranjan Behera
First Edition, Pages (Approx.) : 408


1. India at a Glance
States and Capitals of India, National Symbols, 2011 Census of India

2. History
Pre-History, Indus Valley Civilisation , The Aryans & the Vedic Age, Buddhism and Jainism, Pre - Mauryan Age, Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Empire , Medieval India, Delhi Sultanate, Important Battles Wars & Invasions, Modern India, British Rule in India, Socio-Religious movements, Indian Freedom Struggle, Indian National Congress, Prominent Personalities

3. Geography
World Geography, Universe, Solar System, Sun, Planets, Moon, Earth, Landforms, Atmosphere, Climate, Hydroshpere, Continents, Indian Geography, Geographical Facts, Physical Feature, The Northern Mountains, Indo-Gangetic Plains, Central Highlands, Hill Ranges and Peninsula, Thar Desert, The Coastal Plains, Islands, River System, Famous Sites, Major Crops, Distribution of Mineral Resources, Railway Zone, International Airports, Major Ports, Tribal, National Parks

4. Indian Polity
volution of Indian Constitution, Making of the Constitution of India,The Preamble, Parts of Indian Constitution, Union and Its Territory,Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy,Fundamental Duties, The President, The Vice-President, The Prime Minister,Central Council of Ministers, The Parliament, The Governor, The Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers, State legislature, Advocate General, Judiciary, Special Status of Jammu & Kashmir, Panchayati Raj, Major Constitutional Bodies, Planning Commission, Political Parties, Right to Information, Major Constitutional Amendments

5. Indian Economy
Facts about India Today, National Income, Economic Planning, Five Year Plans, Poverty, Unemployment, Programmes of Government of India, Agriculture, Industry, Foreign Trade, Financial Markets, Banking, Major Financial Institutions, Stock Exchange, Insurance Sector, Mutual Funds, Methods of Issuing Notes & Currency System, Inflation, Indian Tax System, International Financial Organization, Demography

6. Physics
Unit of Measurement, Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, General Properties of Matter, Sound Wave, Heat & Temperature, Light, Electricity, Electronics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Radioactivity, Some Important Scientific Instruments, Inventions and Discoveries

7. Chemistry
Matter, Atom, Radioactivity, Chemical Bonding and Chemical Reaction,Acids, Bases and Salts, Classification of Elements, Metals, Nonmetals and Metallurgy, Coal and Petroleum, Fuel and Flames, Electrochemistry, Air, Water,Soil and their Pollution, Carbon and Its Compound, Man Made Materials, Industrial Names of Some Important Compounds

8. Biology
Characteristics of Living Organisms, The Cell, Biomolecule, Vitamin,Biological Evolution, Classification of Organism, Zoology, Systems of Human Body, Human Diseases, Common Drugs, Scientific Instruments/Components, Botany, Classificationof Plants, Plant Morphology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Binomial Nomenclature

9. Computer & Information Technology
Basic Computer Organization, Generations of Computer, Types of Computer,Types of Software, Internet, Computer Virus, Mobile Operating System

10. General Awareness
First in World, First in India, Superlatives, Top 10, World Countries,Capital & Currency, Guinness World Records, Famous Mountains, SevenSummits, National Emblem of Some Countries, Youngest and Oldest Countries,Wonders, International Borders, Names Old and New, Parliaments of the World, World Famous Political Parties, Official Books, Books & Authors, Signs and Symbols,Father of Various Fields, World’s Famous Intelligence Agencies, Great Work of Famous Persons, Famous Nicknames of Important Persons, Famous Places Associated With Eminent Persons, Religion and Culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites inIndia, Crematorium of Famous Persons of India, Famous Musical Instruments and their Exponents, Folk Dances of the Indian States, Classical Dance Forms of India,Principal Languages of India, Foundation Days of Indian States, List of Environment Days, Headquarters of World Organisations, Important Dates andDays, International Decades, International Years

11. Award and Honors

12. Games & Sports

13. Indian Defence & Space Program

14. Current Affairs

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